Learn Why Your Gutters Are Crucial To Your Home (Gutter Importance in Bellevue)

There’s a great reason why so almost all modern homes have a gutter system: a gutter system protects your home from all kinds of water damage. If they’re well-maintained, your gutters will protect your house’s exterior, lawn, and foundation from rainwater and snow melts for many years to come.

There are a few ways that your gutters protect your Bellevue home that will prove their value as an investment.

 Protecting the Structure

When it rains hard enough, water will collect on your roof and can cause long term damage if it’s not managed by a suitable gutter system for the amount of water coming down. That can cause leaks in your roof, and soon you’ll have problems like mold growth and rotting wood. Gutters keep that rainwater manageable by guiding it off of the roof and away from the house.

A house without a gutter system is also vulnerable to water seeping into the outside walls. So in that way, they protect the paint on your exterior.  Which gives you a good reason to keep your gutters clean:

clogged gutters may lead to paying for a painter.

Prevents Landscape Flooding

At the bottom of a gutter system is a pipe that redirects the water away from your house. This pipe is the backbone of the system, and assures that your lawn and garden will not get over watered.  Without a gutter system, there’s nowhere to redirect all of the water, and it’ll wreak havoc on your lawn.  We already get enough rain in Bellevue—no need to give the flowers a downpour on top of it!

If you’ve put a lot of time, money, and effort into your lawn and garden, then a gutter system is a continued investment keeping it looking as great as you’ve made it.

 Keeps the Foundation Dry

Water from gutters collects from the roof and gets redirected somewhere away from the house.

Without a well-functioning gutter system, you’ll find a lot of water pools on the ground. That water can cause major problems with your foundation.

The soil around your foundation (called back fill soil), is less dense than the other soil in your yard. And as a result, it soaks up moisture at a faster rate than other soil. That can cause stress on a foundation, or lead to water leaks and cracks. Worst of all, the walls can weaken and that will cause the structural integrity of your house to worsen over time. A well-maintained gutter system eases the stress of your foundation.

Your house will need regular, scheduled maintenance from time to time.  Making sure that your gutters are clear and functioning will help you to delay maintenance and repairs on other parts of the home, which is vulnerable to water damage in a number of ways.  And that’s why gutters are such a great investment—they buy you time and money for your house!

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Have you had to deal with water damage on your home?  What did it cost to take care of it?  Could it have been prevented if your gutters worked better?  Tell us your story in the comments below!

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