Ready For the Rain? Learn What You Can Do About Water Damage

Want to know about Bellevue Gutter Importance?  Most likely, you aren’t used to looking at a house in Bellevue and seeing no rain gutters on it.  Have you ever wondered why?  There are lots of reasons for why they’re important to have, but also why they’re important to maintain.  If you don’t keep up on your water removal system, it could cost you more money in the long run!

The Importance of Working Gutters | Bellevue Gutter Importance

Nobody likes going downstairs to find inches of water pooled in the basement!  Gutters’ sole purpose is to direct water away from your house.  If you didn’t have them, all of that water would run straight into your basement.  And if you let that happen, it will cost you a pretty penny— and even more if you have a finished basement.

Water damages everything, from your drywall to your carpet, and even the concrete beneath it.  Your drywall and carpet could mold over, making a musty odor and possibly even triggering allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues.  You would have to refinish your whole basement if you want it to be livable. For any home owner or landlord, this is a nightmare that costs a lot to fix.

Threats to the Yard

A lot of home owners in Bellevue also like to landscape, simply to make their property more aesthetically pleasing.  Landlords do it too, because they want the place to look nice for possible renters.  If you don’t have gutters, then that pretty flower bed that you spent hours working on just might end up flooded as well.

All of that dirt around your house seems like it surely wouldn’t go anywhere, right?  Water has a mind of its own.  All that it takes is one heavy rainstorm and all of that runoff from your house could wash away a lot of that nutrient rich soil that you bought specially for your plants.  And imagine a steady stream of heavy water running off of your house, pelting your delicate garden!

Avoiding Mold

Without a proper gutter system to get rid of all that excess water, you may also find your roof, attic, and basement damaged by mold and mildew.  Mold is always an expensive fix that most people just don’t want to deal with.  And even worse, you could be plagued with mold and not even know it.

Mold grows on virtually anything.  Wood and drywall are two of the main things that make up your house, and mold is very fond of both!  Most people don’t even regularly go into their attic, and they don’t know that their attic has water damage until they are lying in bed and look up at the ceiling to see that light brown water spot off in the corner.  By then, it’s generally too late.  Remember, Bellevue Gutter Importance.

Why Is Maintenance So Important?

It is very important to maintain your gutter system, and you should clean them out regularly.  They may be strong, but they will accumulate leaves.  Over time these leaves will break down and become compost.  And the last thing you need in your gutters is heavy dirt with little plants growing out of them!

Make sure there are no tree branches or limbs overhanging your gutters.  If you get a wind storm and these break off, they can do some serious damage.  A little tree trimming is worth the money you could save, rather than paying the price for damaged gutters, and water damage in your home.

If your gutters are loose, don’t be afraid to tighten them up.  They need to be nice and secure if they are going to manage rainwater around your home.  Remember, Bellevue Gutter Importance.

Water damage is something that most homeowners and property managers don’t want to deal with.  And who could blame you?  Installing and maintaining rain gutters is the best way to prevent this from ever becoming your own personal nightmare.  Have you or someone you know had to clean up after your gutters have failed you?  Tell us about it in the comments below and follow us on Facebook!  Remember, Bellevue Gutter Importance.

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