Want to hear a Bothell Gutter Testimonial from Tiana?  Well, you’re in luck.  Simply click on the video below to see how people feel about Premier Home Repairs when we do their gutters?



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Bothell Gutter Testimonial from Tiana!

Tiana explains how Premier Home Repairs installed new gutters on her Bothell home.  She noticed that the corners of the gutters were letting water through because she could see stains in the corners.  This meant that dirt was being pulled through the junction as water was coming through.

Tiana recounts her experience and recommends Premier to all her friends, family, and neighbors.  She elected to get K-Line gutters in stalled on her Bothell residence.

She decided to get an off white color for the gutters which matched the fascia board under the gutters.  For the downspouts, she got a couple different colors.  One downspout in particular went down the corner board and she got that in an off white as well.

The other downspouts she chose a dark tan color to match the paint.  She also got drainguards so the debris coming down the spouts wouldn’t enter into the French drain.

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