Built in Gutters are a very unique gutter style. Do you have Built-in or Built-up gutters on your Seattle home? We can help with repair or removal! Because these types of gutters are hidden, they are sometimes also neglected. It is important to ensure these type of gutters are cleaned regularly to ensure proper flow and drainage. Due to the accumulation that comes from heavy or consistent rainfall combined with the many trees (and therefore pine needles and leaves) in the Seattle area, making sure your gutters are clean and draining properly is of the utmost importance!

There are three methods that Premier Home Repairs uses to help with Built in Gutters. I will outline these methods here. If you have specific questions regarding your roof, don’t hesitate to call. 425-957-0648 We have been in the gutter business for many years. Chances are, the gutter issue you’re having…we’ve seen it and fixed it! Here are three ways we can help those experiencing difficulties with their built-up gutter systems:

  1. Remove it and Replace with fascia board and attach gutter on the outside.
    • If the Built in/built up gutter system just isn’t working for you, we can help to remove it by replacing it with fascia board and attaching a new gutter on the outside. This is obviously the most expensive and most extreme. This can also drastically change the look of your house, which is also something you might be looking for.
  2. Put new membranes on the Inside of your gutter
    • Another option that a lot of people choose is to improve the membrane on the inside that holds the water. This stops leaves, pine needles, and other debris from getting stuck in the gutter, hopefully allowing things to flow better. If you want more answers about this method, or about Torch down PVC in general, give us a call at 425-957-0648.
  3. Increase the size of downspouts
    • One choice that might really intrigue you is to increase the size of downspouts to 3-4 inches.┬áIncreasing the size of downspouts is an easy fix that can reap great benefits, especially when it comes to the amount of rain we usually experience in Seattle. If you’ve thought about increasing the size of your downspouts, but don’t know how it will work or if that is the right choice for you, don’t hesitate to call!

When it comes to gutters, we have you covered!