When you are deciding on gutter covers for your home, you have many different options. Here are a few of the options Premier Home Repairs, a local Eastside company, can quickly and easily install (in usually no more than an afternoon). All of these products are designed to eliminate leaf and needles and other debris from clogging your gutters here in WA where

EZ Screens

EZ Screens are designed to keep out leaves. These gutter covers connect to the gutter and can be seen from the ground. It comes only in black. EZ Screens have been tested and can handle 6 inches of rainfall per hour. This gutter guard is warranted against rust, peeling, or cracking for 5 years. The EZ Screen should be checked periodically to see if leaves, sticks, or other debris have gotten caught on the gutter screen. If there is a a build-up of debris, you can easily rinse it out.

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Micromesh gutter covers work extremely well to limit the amount of type of debris allowed to enter the gutter. It only allows very fine particles into the gutter which can then be easily flushed out. Micromesh only come in black. They can barely be seen from the ground. The Micromesh is a great option as it doesn’t allow needles, leaves, or other debris from enter in into your gutters.

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Premier Gutter Cover

Premier Gutter Cover is a great option that limits large, medium and a large percentage of even the smallest debris. It cannot be seen from the ground and is available in a few different colors. Premier Gutter Covers can also handle up to 1″ of rain per minute. It is about 25% more expensive than Micromesh or EZ Screen Gutter Covers, but it is virtually maintenance free. These gutter covers can also be installed on new or existing gutters.

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Leaf Proof Additions

Leaf Proof Additions are painted, so they are available in a variety of colors. They keep needles, leaves, and other debris out. One important note is that these gutter covers can only be installed when installing a new roof. A definite advantage is that the Leaf Proof Additions Gutter Cover can easily be cleaned from the ground with a hose for regular maintenance.

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You have many different options when selecting gutter covers. We would be happy to come and give you a free estimate and more information about which type of gutter covers is best for your home.

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