We’d love to answer some of our customer’s most frequently asked questions about K Line or K Style Gutters! These are the most popular gutters on the Eastside!

K Line (or K Style) seamless gutter on a Kirkland, WA area home

Now dominating nearly 80% of gutters installed across the country, K line gutters or K style gutters are one of the many jobs Premier Home Repairs excels at . We would love to come out and give you a free estimate about what we believe can greatly add to your home’s curb appeal (and handle the Seattle rain). We want to give you an idea of what to expect in your gutter replacement process and what to expect from us.

What are K-Line gutters?
K Line gutters are the most common type of gutter in new construction and remodels. K Style gutters look like decorative crown molding; they are also called ogee gutters. They are usually 5″ or 6″, with 5″ being the most common.

Side view of K Style Gutter

What happens at a gutter estimate?

The first time we come out, we give you an estimate on the work needed, a proposal on the cost, and you can pick out the color you would like for your K-Line gutters.

How long does a typical gutter installation take?
We are able to complete most gutter installs in an afternoon.

Are the gutters seamless?
YES! Seamless or continuous gutters are formed on site and are cut to the exact measurements of the house. The corners are custom joined with a premium Tremco sealant.

Can I pick the color?
Yes! There are 25-30 different colors to choose from in aluminum. We are confident that we can match or coordinate well with your roof and house color.

Selection of Colors available in K-style Gutters

 Is there a leaf protection system?
YES!  We have several leaf protection systems that will work for our K line gutters.  Some of the most common are the easy lock micro mesh, the EZ-Screens, and the Leaf Proof gutter additions.  Ask your representative to show you samples when he is at your home.

How are the gutters attached?
We want your house to look great! We have found that the best way to attach K line gutters is by using a hidden screw hanger and hang fast brackets. Screws (versus nails) also help to keep the gutters more secure when drilling into wood such as the rafter tails of the fascia boards.

What about downspouts?
We have several different downspouts we can use. 2×3″ downspouts are the most common and are on the majority of homes in the northwest, but we also install quite a few 3×4” downspouts and round downspouts.  These three make up about 95% of what we do.

What about warranty?
The material has a LIFETIME warranty! Through Premier Home Repairs, we also offer a 2 year labor and installation warranty on any K-line gutters or K-style gutters installed. This warranty can also be extended if you’d like for an additional cost.

Why should we use Premier Home Repairs for our K-Style Gutter replacement?
At Premier Home Repairs, we strive to make our customer happy. We want to do the job quickly and want you, our customer, to be happy.

We also can do more than gutters!

We’d love to serve you by coming out and giving you a free estimate! 

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