Premier Home Repairs, we do much more than gutters!

Premier Home Repairs (find us on Facebook and Twitter) does a great job with gutter repair and replacement, but did you know we can also do much more? Here are just three of the many jobs that we can do for you:

1. Repair fascia board.

The board that runs along your roof line (and behind your gutter) is called fascia. This is a common place where water can pool leading to moisture damage. To begin fascia repair, we pull of the existing gutters and find bad fascia board. Bad fascia is easy to find by looking for black dirt lines through the miter. There can also be pools of water that can rot fascia and rafter tails.

 2. Rafter Tail Repair.

We can easily repair barge rafter. It can be cut off from roof sheeting and then replaced. Rafter tail repair can be done on an existing roof that might need some minor repairs but not ready for roof replacement. Rafter tail repair can also be done on a new roof. On older Seattle homes, many adjustments can be done to repair rafter tails, including plum and sister cuts. To tell if your rafter tail needs to replaced, take a nail and try to push it in a few places. If you can push it into the wood more than 1/2″, the rafter tail should be repaired.

3. Soffit repair.

The soffit is the area that lies underneath the overhang of your roof’s eaves. The soffit covers the interior rafters. We are able to do the complete carpentry repair to replace the soffit board. Damage to the soffit board can be caused by birds and squirrels nesting inside the eaves. High winds and heavy rain also take a toll on the soffit.

When it comes to repairing fascia board, rafter tails, or soffit, Premier Home Repairs can easily solve any problems that you may encounter. Call today for a free estimate: