Fascia Gutters are specialty gutters that are custom-made. They are a seamless unit that is fixed to a fascia board. It can be fixed to ends of the rafters, acting like a fascia board. Fascia gutters are most commonly found in the Western part of the United States. 

A lot of times, Fascia gutters come in larger sizes and are great for larger homes or homes with metal roofs. Wide Bottom Fascia Gutters also have a greater capacity for leaves, needles, and water.

Fascia gutters offer a functional home design feature that is often featured on modern homes and buildings. They can often look great on your roofline and really improve your roof line if installed properly.

If you are looking for Seattle rain gutters, look no further! 

Here are a few of the advantages of fascia style gutters:

  • Curb Appeal! our fascia-style gutter adds curb appeal that adds a different visual element that is very different than standard gutters. It is sleek and architectural look that many people like.
  • Secure! True to their name, fascia gutters are attached directly to your fascia! This is  especially great if you live in area with high winds or frequent storms.
  • Protection! Attaching to your fascia gives it an extra protection for your siding. It is helpful to give your siding an extra defense against the moisture that usually accumulates around your gutters. 

Here are some of the disadvantages to fascia style gutters:

  • Hard to Clean. Unfornately, due to their size, they are a little more difficult to clean. They can collect a lot of debris, pine needles, and leaves. 
  • More Expensive. Due to the size and the several components that go into mounting the gutter, they are a little more expensive than traditional gutters. It is also important to schedule regular maintenance with Premier Home Repairs in order to ensure that the gutters are working at their max capabiliites.

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