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When it comes to Bellevue’s best gutter systems you’ve come to the right place.  Premier Home Repairs specializes in a wide variety of custom gutters.  We service Kind and Snohomish Counties.  We offer high quality gutters and downspouts in lots of styles and colors.

Gutter Materials:

We offer a wide selection of top quality gutters, ranging in material from copper, aluminum, or steel. We typically use .032 gauge aluminum gutters rather than the standard .027 gauge aluminum gutter systems because of durability and flexibility.
Steel Gutters are also a good option because of the strength.
Copper gutters are also very nice and can complement a home with a touch of real class!

Gutter Styles:

K-Line gutters are the most common, but Wide Bottom Fascia Style are also very popular because of the volume of water they can handle.  We know all about rain here in Seattle and Bellevue!

Gutter Colors:

Gutters come in a variety of colors.  We can drop off color samples and we offer free color consultations.

Service Area:

We work up and down the Eastside and all over Seattle.  The Puget Sound is our playground!  We are a Bellevue Roofing Company because Bellevue is our home base, but we work all over the place!


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