Video: Building a Ground Level Deck

We found this great video where a small team builds a ground level deck in Pennsylvania. This is a great example that demonstrates what you can expect when you have your deck or porch built.

How to Build a Ground Level Deck

Here are some of the notes from the video about building a ground level deck for you to keep in mind:

  • The first step is removing any existing obstacles. In this case, concrete has to be broken up and removed.
  • To install the posts, they used a fluorescent marker paint to mark a 10-12” diameter hole. They use a spud bar to break up the ground and a posthole digger to remove the dirt.
  • Concrete mix goes in each hole to make a foundation for the posts.
  • They used a builder’s level to set equal elevation for all the posts.
  • 2’x8’ treated lumber is used for all of the outside bands, set in place with nails. Lag screws and washers are added later for extra support.
  • Once the bands are set, the holes where the posts are set get filled with the loose dirt that was removed.
  • Landscape fabric goes down to block vegetation from growing under the deck. A trench is dug that will help to remove water from the rainspout.
  • Joists are 2’x8’ treated wood and put 16” on center.
  • 3/8” diameter galvanized leg screws and washers are installed for extra support.
  • Galvanized joist hangers are used to support the ends of the joists and both side of the center beam.
  • 4” PVC drain pipe gets slide under the deck through the trench dug earlier, fitted to the drain spout to direct water away from the home.
  • 5 more foundation holes are dug to support the stairs, and a special treated, ground contact board is used for the front riser.
  • Border pieces are cut and fit into place around the ends of the deck.
  • The main deck boards are fitted and cut to run a staggered pattern on the joist layout.
    Each of the decking boards get two screws into each joist.
  • The boards are still moist when you purchase them, so if you install them next to each other they’ll dry and end up with a suitable gap in between.

That’s how to build a ground level deck!

How to build a ground level deckDo you have any questions after seeing this video? Wondering what needs to be done in your yard to install a beautiful new porch that your family and friends can enjoy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and like us on Facebook!