At Premier Home Repairs, our emphasis is on giving you a great product that will work for your home and handle the Northwest weather all at a great price. We are an premier Northwest gutter company, and we believe we have a complete gutter system that can work for your Eastside home.

Whether or not you’re replacing your roof, the gutters are the finishing touch to your home. Gutters that fit your home should also be able to perform well in the wet and rainy conditions the Eastside and Northwest in general are known for. The main elements that your gutters must face are heavy rain, falling tree limbs, pine needles, high wind, and weight from debris collected inside the gutter.

One main difference between our gutters versus others in the Eastside are that our gutters are customizable and adaptable. We would love to help you select the gutter system that will be best for your home, how they look on your home, what type of gutters (K-Line or Wide Bottom Fascia Gutters), as well as the position (angle) and location of downspouts.

Each gutter provides a different look and benefit:

K-Style Gutter System:

K-Style gutters look great on older Eastside homes as well as homes with smaller roof lines. K-Style Gutters are very aesthetically pleasing and have a crown molding look that outline a roof very well.

K Style Gutter on a Woodinville Home

Wide Bottom Fascia Style Gutters:

Wide Bottom Fascia Style Gutters are much larger. These type of gutters are great for larger homes or metal roofs. Wide Bottom Fascia Gutters also have a greater capacity for leaves, needles, and water.


Wide Bottom Fascia GutterĀ 

At Premier Home Repairs, we take great pride in our installation. One of the most crucial parts of our job is to make sure the sloping is correct on whichever gutter system you choose for your Eastside home; whether it be K-Style Gutters replacement Wide Bottom Fascia Style Gutters. Sloping plays a critical role in gutter installation. It the K-Style or Wide Bottom Fascia gutters are over-sloped, it can make the house appear tilted and look ill-fitting. If it’s under-sloped, it can allow excess water to gather in gutters and allows the gutters to expand and contract and can cause problems with the corners and downspout connections.

We offer a variety of colors in both K-Style or Wide Bottom Fascia Gutters, so call today


for a free estimate and consultation about which gutter system is right for you. For more information about Premier Home Repairs, find us on Facebook and Twitter.