There are two main styles of roof guttes. There are K-style and Half-Round Gutters. Gutters come in al shapes, colors, and budgets. It is easy to find the right one to match your roof! Half-round gutters are just what it sounds like, half-round tubes! These are usually a great choice for historic or older homes. The majority of homeowners choose the K-style gutter, so that is the one we will focus on today. K-Style gutters have flat backs and bottoms and the front usually comes out, almost looking like crown molding.

K-Style Gutters come in a few different materials:


  • Alumnium is the most widely used material and is very versatile. It is also rust-resistant, which makes it a great fit for Seattle roof gutters! Another bonus is that Alumninum

K-style gutters come in a variety of colors and can even be painted to match or compliment your home.

If you have questions about the colors or sizes that might be best for you, do not hesitate to call! Our roofing experts will help you identify what will work best with your roof and your house paint color!

Seamless Aluminum

  • Seamless Alumnium is a great choice to improve the look of your rain guttes. They are made on-site and although they are slightly more expensive than regular gutters, some people really appreciate the continuous look.

Another choice you have to make is about the gutter size. There are two choices, 5-inch K-style or 6-inch K-style gutter. A 5-inch gutter is the standard size and can handle the Seattle rainfall. If you are looking for even more, you can move to the 6-inch gutter. The 6-inch gutter has nearly twice the capacity of a 5-inch K-Style gutter.

Long-lasting K-style gutters are a great choice made from the highest quality materials. A complete gutter system, complete with Leaf Relief can protect your home in the long-run from damaging water run-off. If you have questions, or are ready to schedule your appointment for your Renton Rain Gutters, call today! 425-957-0648.


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