When Woodinville resident, Jim, was looking into a gutter cover solution, he had many options to choose from. One of the options that we at Premier Home Repairs (you can find us on Facebook or Twitter) presented was the Premier Gutter Cover.

(Although we aren’t affiliated, Premier Gutter Cover is a Northwest Company as well, so they understand what Seattle and Eastside Gutters need to handle to function correctly. Premier Gutter Covers is an Oregon company that makes gutter covers that can handle rain and the debris that can come from the amount of trees in the Northwest.)

When deciding on a gutter cover system, Jim had plenty of options. There are mesh, nylon, and even foam type gutter covers or gutter guards. Jim had initially been interested in a Leaf Guard system, but after learning more about the effectiveness, appearance and cost of these gutter covers and how well they can handle debris, he decided on the Premier Gutter Cover (at a fraction of the price!).

The main factor in Jim’s decision was his home. Jim owns a 2-story home in Woodinville and doesn’t want to have to climb on the roof to unclog the gutters. He wanted a virtually maintenance free system, and that is exactly what these gutter covers can offer.

This type of gutter cover or gutter guard is only about 25% more expensive than the fairly inexpensive mesh or screen gutter covers. This gutter cover does a great job of limiting the amount of debris that can enter the gutter at all. It can stop large, medium and even a high percentage of the smallest debris.

Jim was also interested in the Premier Gutter Cover because of how efficiently it can handle rain. The Woodinville and greater Seattle area is known for it’s rain, and these gutter covers can “handle 1″ of rain per minute.” (Credit: premierguttercover.com)

Installation was easy for Jim’s Woodinville home as well. We easily finished this type of job in a day and when installing these gutter covers, we didn’t drill into Jim’s roof or home structure (they solely attached to the gutter itself).

These type of gutter covers really are a long-term solution. This is exactly what Jim was looking for. He plans on staying in his Woodinville home for years to come and with his busy schedule, he needed something that didn’t require hours of cleaning and maintenance to get rid of debris out of his gutters.

After installation, Jim was pleased to see how invisible the gutter cover was. Not only does it effectively shed debris, it also does not affect the curb appeal of his Woodinville home. The Premier Gutter Cover has a very sleek, low profile design and was definitely the right choice for Jim.

If you’d like more information about any of our gutter systems, including the Premier Gutter Cover, feel free to contact us. If you’re tired of the hours of maintenance, worried about clogged gutters, and want an efficient, inexpensive way to solve all these problems, these gutter covers or gutter guards might be for you. We’d love to give you a free estimate to get you started on replacing your outdated gutters or gutter covers.

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**Image courtesy of premierguttercover.com. This type of gutter cover installed on by Premier Home Repairs on a Woodinville Home