Seamless Gutters

You want seamless gutters.  At Premier Home Repairs we install the top-of-the-line seamless gutter systems.  NO LEAKS in your seamless gutters guaranteed!  Our 25+ years of experience will ensure you get the best job every time!

There are so many different materials gutters can be made from, but in Washington near Bellevue, Woodinville and Seattle we mainly install aluminum, steel, and copper.  Vinyl is another option for a temporary gutter during the construction of a building, but vinyl is not a long term solution and they typically come in pieces so they are not seamless.

The problem with seams in your gutters is they create weak spots.  In this case, if the gutter is not sloped perfectly standing water can freeze and thaw causing the gutters to expand and contract.  This movement causes the seams and joints to separate and leak.  You’ll first notice a dark spot in the joint where water is pulling dirt and silt through the seams.  Soon this will be a full-blown leak.

Seamless gutters must be cut and measured on-site by a professional gutter contractor.  We have our own state of the art gutter machine in a variety of types of gutter shapes which include the two most common for the Northwest which are k-line and wide bottom fascia style gutters.

The term seamless gutters refers to the continuous run from corner to corner.  If there is no break then you have seamless gutters.  You’ll also notice a seam or junction .where the downspouts connect with the bottom of the gutter.  These junctions are, however, securely fastened with a flexible sealant. The lack of seams in the gutters also make the system stronger and more visually appealing.

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