Custom Decking

When it comes to your new deck or porch, our motto is, “If you can think of it we can build it!”

We offer flexibility in helping you brainstorm your personalized deck design. From choosing the right material to staircase construction to other design considerations, our knowledgeable crew work to tailor your deck exactly as you want it!

Time spent considering what type of material to use is time well spent. Composite products are long-lasting and have become popular due to relatively low maintenance over time.

New synthetic materials are introduced into the decking industry every year, yet the aesthetics of wood remain in high demand.  We’ll assist you in your deliberation of the perfect deck material, from maintenance to grain pattern.

Space planning is key.  It is important to consider furniture placement, strategize where higher and lower deck levels belong, and consider the aesthetic consistency of the picture as a whole. A design idea that may not initially seem to work may be successful with just a few adjustments.  At Premier Home Repairs, we believe nothing is impossible.

Checking that the soil under your house is solidly compact will prevent the deck from sinking relative to your house.  If you suspect you may be building on unsettled soil, consulting with your builder or local building inspections department before you begin your project can help gauge how feasible your project is. There are many types of soil, and knowing what you are building on will help in keeping your deck proportional to your house.