It’s time for summer gutter cleaning!

The easiest time of the year to clean out your gutters in Bellevue is in late spring or early summer, and again later in the fall.  The reason is simple— most seeds, blossoms, and other debris from the trees have fallen.  The debris that blows out of the trees is what causes them to clog up, causing rainwater to backup.  It’s a real danger that pods may germinate and begin to take root in your gutters—and that could cause the whole line to clog and maybe destabilize.  So when you’re thinking about clearing out and maintaining the gutters, keep these points in mind!

Gutters Protect

Why do houses have gutters in the first place?  It’s because they play a very important role in protecting your home against the elements of nature.  They carry rainwater that flows off of the roof of the home away from the foundation.  Without them, it could leak and cause a tremendous amount of water damage to your home.  It is vital to have them clean so that the water can flow easily through your gutters.

Realities of a Clog

What will happen when a gutter is clogged?  Debris from the trees blows into them each and every day.  Seeds, leaves, pine needles, and many other things will fall into and become trapped in them.  It is very important to clean out any and all debris from each one.  The rainwater will back up and they will overflow with the excess water.  This causes the water to run down the sides and walls of the home and could flood or cause other water damage to your home.

The Easy Way to Tell When to Clean

When do gutters need cleaning?  Whenever they are dripping with excess rainwater or if water is pouring from the tops, it is definitely time to have them cleaned out.  After most of the seed pods and other debris is finished falling, that’s the best time to clean.  How long does it actually take to clear out the gutters? It can be done in approximately 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the home.  The actual cleaning isn’t super time-consuming.


Do you need to tighten your gutters?  Sure, over time they will need to be tightened.  The nails tend to work themselves out of the boards and they become loose.  And then they can actually fall down from the house if they are overloaded with heavy rainwater and debris—not a happy outcome.

With seeds, leaves, and many other types of debris falling from the trees surrounding your home in Bellevue, upkeep needs special attention.  And with the rain, hail, and high winds (hopefully) behind us, now is the best time to jump in and take care of your gutters—it’s a vitally important system.  Cleaning the downspouts out will help to prevent water backup and damage to the home.  And don’t forget, your home isn’t just where you live, it’s also your biggest investment!

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Summer Gutter Cleaning : We also install new gutters!

Do you have any tips, tricks, or questions about maintaining your gutters?  Have you had any problems cleaning them out this spring?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

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