1. In our gutters, we use the top silicone available (Tremco 830 thermoplastic-elastic). This greatly helps to prevent problems during the expansion and contraction that is bound to happen throughout the life of your gutters. This type of silicone allows it to stay adhered longer and stronger, even after the worst storms that Kirkland or Woodinville can throw at your gutters.

2. Our gutters can easily handle the Kirkland or Woodinville rain, aided in part by our two different downs out options. Most Kirkland or Woodinville homes only require a 2×3 downspout, but some may need a 3×4 downspout if they require more drainage.

3. The Premier Home Repairs gutters are coated with Corrosion-Inhibiting Pretreatment and a Polyester Finish. Having this type of finish on your aluminum gutters on your Kirkland or Woodinville will extend the lifetime warranty on the aluminum and it also offers excellent stain-resistant protection.

4. A big reason why our gutters are so durable is the strength of the aluminum that we use in our gutters for your Woodinville or Kirkland home. We install .032-inch Aluminum (versus .027-inch gutters), these gutters are 20% heavier. This added strength allows the gutter to hold the clip better, allows the gutter to flex less, and increase the durability on your gutters.

5. Unlike other gutter companies, we use Premium Hidden Gutter Hangers which we use to attach your gutters to each and every rafter tail on your Kirkland or Woodinville home. These gutter hangers are the strongest on the market and we use two times the required gutter hangers to ensure that your gutters can last through any storm they may face.

6. To make your gutters look as good as possible on your Kirkland or Woodinville home, we use only Hand-Cut Miters. Using these Hand-Cut Miters is the strongest way to connect corners. Using this type of aluminum and the way we overlap them, it makes it stronger, more long-lasting, and more durable than other gutters.

7. Another important reason our gutters are the best is the Drainguards we install. Drainguards are small boxes that are connected to all the downspouts. These downspouts allow you to catch all the debris that is coming down the downspout on your Kirkland or Woodinville home. By eliminating the debris from entering the drainage, we can all but eliminate the backup or clog. It is easy to clean, you can simply remove the aluminum screen and empty all the debris before re-installing it.

8. We aim to keep your Kirkland or Woodinville home looking great. For this reason, we use hidden clips make it the least invasive choice as well as causing as little damage to the home as possible. These clips can be installed in more places as well to help keep the gutter even more secure.

9. We also use Splash Blocks. Splash blocks are an important part to prevent erosion. These blocks are placed under all the downspout drainage areas. Instead of d
raining directly into the ground, we can install Splash Blocks to the gutters and downspouts to prevent foundation problems. These splash blocks can be installed in three color choices to match your landscape: Concrete, Brown or Green.

10. To prevent debris and rodents from going into the connection between the bottom of the downspout and the underground drainage system, we install Drain Cap Adapters. These Drain Cap Adapters stop any unwanted pests or debris from entering the downspout on your gutters.

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