Why Bellevue Gutters Are So Important For Your Bellevue Home

Bellevue Gutters: You can’t live long in a home in Bellevue without rain gutters, and making sure they’re working is an essential part of roof maintenance and foundation maintenance. Roofs and foundations are incredibly expensive to replace and costly to repair.  Your gutters help channel away water, which can damage your home and property. Paying for new gutters and downspouts now costs far less than paying for home structural damage later.

Here are some of the big reasons you need your the gutters on your house in working order.

Reduces Water Damage

Water is a main source of damage to roofs. The longer water stays on or just inside of a roof, the more of a chance it has to cause damage. This is especially important with flat roofs, which can’t use gravity to shed excess rainwater or snow melt. Water and snow are surprisingly heavy, as well as corrosive. If left unchecked, water will eventually leak through shingles and roofs to pool inside of your house in Bellevue, and it might attack structural beams.

Reduces Dangerous Mold Growth

Areas that are constantly damp are mold magnets. Mold promotes decay on just about any surface it clings to, and many people are allergic to mold. The presence of mold can trigger attacks in people with asthma or severe allergies. If you store anything valuable in your attic or crawlspace, mold can destroy these items. Keeping your roof as dry as possible helps reduce the chance that mold will grow.

Protects Your Foundations

At first, it may seem that water and snow threatens roofs more than foundations— but think again!  Unchecked pools around your home will inevitably sink into the ground and begin to rot your home’s foundations. This can cause the foundation to crack and shift. Rain gutters and downspouts insure that water flows away from your home’s foundations.

Prevents Stains and Splash Backs

Have you ever gone outside just after a downpour? You’ll see mud splatters everywhere! The force of the rain hurling into the ground drives the dirt up into the air to fall on whatever is close by. If your home’s walls are constantly covered by this splash back, you may need new downspouts and gutters. Over time, splash back can cause unsightly stains on your exterior.

Helps Prevent Insect Infestations

Insects like termites, ants and wasps are opportunists. If they find the slightest crack in your roof, window frames or doorways, they will squeeze through and invade your home. Any rot or weakness, even in cement, is like putting down the welcome mat for subterranean termites. Keeping your home dry helps deter insect invaders.

Helps Preserve Your Bellevue Home’s Value

Someday in the future, you may want to sell your home or property. If it has water damage, mold damage, foundation damage, window damage or stubborn wall stains, it will drop considerably in value. You may not even get what you paid for it. Preserve your home or property’s value by installing and regularly maintaining your rain gutters and downspouts.

Rain gutters and downspouts help protect roofs, foundations and properties from the hazards of water damage. How old are your gutters? When was the last time you cleaned them? Feel free to use the comments section below to ask any questions about rain gutters and what rain gutters can do for your home or property.  When you think Bellevue Gutters think Premier Home Repairs!


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