Woodinville Fence Installation Video: Tips for Installing Your Fence

Woodinville Fence Installation: Spring is coming, and you might start to consider all of the outdoor projects that you have coming up.  One of the most popular projects for the spring and summer is putting up a new fence.  If you’re thinking about it, the first thing you should see is this great video from Lowe’s Home Improvement.

Woodinville Fence Installation Tips: Choosing & Planning Your Fence

Here are some takeaways that we found from this video.

Before You Plan Too Much

When you’re thinking of building a fence, check on the zoning laws and homeowners regulations for your area.  Some towns require you to set a fence a foot or two back from the property line, and some homeowners’ associations bar fences altogether.

When You’re Set to Buy

What should your fence be doing?  Here are some of the most common purposes and considerations.

  • Privacy: If you’re building for privacy, grab solid panels, that will be eye-level or higher.
  • Semi-Privacy: If you just want a little privacy, solid panels with latticework at the top will work.  You can even go with a shadowbox style fence, where individual boards alternate on either side of the post.
  • Decorative: decorative fences are good for keeping children and pets inside the yard, but don’t conceal anything.  A picket fence or chain-link fence is the most common.

Remember, your fence’s style should match with the home architecture and landscape.

Types and Builds of Materials

You’ve got your choice of materials and builds to use for your fence.

  • Wood: Wood has a traditional appearance, but it needs to be cleaned, stained, and painted to keep it looking good.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl only needs the occasional rinsing, doesn’t fade or rot and often comes in styles similar to wood.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum takes very little maintenance at all.
  • Steel: Steel is durable, but needs a coat of paint every now and then.
  • Chain link: Most chain link fences will withstand years of weathering.
  • Component: The classic “stick-built fence”.  Usually made of wood, this style gets put together one piece at a time.  It can take longer to build, but some like how it can more easily follow the natural contours of the land.
  • Panel: Made pre-constructed, this style can follow the contours of your property but use a stair-step technique instead of a contouring technique.  Most vinyl and metal are panel-only, and some wood comes this way as well.

    Woodinville Fence Installation

    Woodinville Fence Installation

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