Video: Gutter Installation

About Woodinville Gutter Installation:

Woodinville Gutter Installation

Woodinville Gutter Installation

The process of installing a gutter is somewhat involved, but if you’re in the market for a gutter installation or replacement it pays to know what’s happening.  We found a video by doitbest that talks about the process in detail.  After seeing this video, you’ll understand what it takes to get a gutter up, whether you decide you want to do it yourself or you hire a professional.

Woodinville Gutter Installation

(NOTE: This is a “general video” about gutter installation.  NOT the specific way Premier Home Repairs instals gutters.  Our Woodinville Gutter Installation is much higher quality because of the type of materials used, and the workmanship.  We also don’t miter our gutters on straight runs.  Only corners.)

Here are some of the most important takeaways that we got from this video:

  • Gutters aren’t just about rain: when it snows, the water melting off needs some place to go.  If your gutters aren’t working, you can have water that pools on the ground and freezes into ice.
  • Selection of materials: Vinyl, copper, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, and even wood.
  • What you’ll need to hang a gutter: Gutter channels, downspouts, slip joint connectors, gutter sealant, miters, end drops, end pieces, elbows, pipe bands, gutter hangers.
  • Before installing new gutters: to install new gutters, you’ll need to strip the fascia board and clean it up with some exterior primer and exterior latex paint.  Fascia boards that are very damaged or rotted should be replaced before the new gutters go up.
  • Two-person job: Gutter installation isn’t something you can do on your own.  Plan on taking about two days with a friend and a ladder for each of you.
  • Rough assembly: before you’re trying to put everything together on the ladder, take a moment to see how your pieces fit on the ground.
  • Template with a chalk line: Use a chalk line to map out where you’ll expect to have the gutter hanging.  Don’t forget to make sure it’s level!
  • Sloping to drain: The gutter line needs to slope an inch for every 20 feet to promote drainage.  You can make a mark on the fascia under the point on the chalk line where it should be sloping toward.  If you like, you can make a chalk line to mark the route of the slope as well.

Do you have any questions after seeing this video?  Do you feel better prepared to see your new gutter through its installation?  If you’ve had a gutter system installed recently, does any of this seem familiar?  Let us know in the comments section!  You can also follow us on Facebook!