Researching For a Remodel or New Home? How to Choose Woodinville Gutters

Looking for Woodinville Gutters?  Lately, many areas of the country have had more rain than usual.  The extra moisture from all of that rain can damage your home, especially if the gutters aren’t working right.  Why are gutters so important for the safety and upkeep of your house?   Basically, they keep water from making puddles on your roof, which can cause rot.  Standing water attracts bugs, like mosquitoes, and encourages mold to grow.

If you think that your gutters need replacement or improvement, consider the following questions before you start home repairs.

Where Do You Live?

Here in the Bellevue area, including Woodinville,  you’ve probably noticed that you get a lot of rain!  In this part of the country, keeping your gutters in good working condition is crucial.  Damaged or full gutters can cause a lot of damage to your home since they aren’t properly diverting the water away from your house.  But in the dry Southwest, it doesn’t rain as often, so your gutters don’t have to work as hard.  However, gutters should be able to handle any rain or snowfall that happens.  Don’t ignore gutters that need repair!

Should You Go Seamless?

Woodinville Gutters

Woodinville Gutters

Seamless gutters are a great option.  Premier Home Repairs will build them to your home’s measurements.  Plus, they only connect at the corners, so there are fewer weak points.  By eliminating seams and connecting areas, you eliminate a lot of risk that the gutters will crack in those places.  Woodinville gutters have lots of stress from weight of needles so seamless is how Premier Home Repairs installs gutters.

What materials should you choose?

Copper, stainless steel, and aluminum are the best materials used for gutters.  These metals are very durable.  If you think steel doesn’t go well with the style or color of your home, copper is an equally good choice, since it matches a lot of different colors.  Copper and stainless steel gutters are less likely to corrode than other materials used in gutters.   Stainless needs to keep the finish on the gutters, however.

But the biggest downside to these metals is the expense.  Just like stainless steel cookware is more expensive than a disposable aluminum pan, steel or copper gutters cost more because of the high quality of the materials.  It’s worth considering these gutters as an investment.  Over time, they’ll break less often and need fewer repairs, so you’ll actually save money in the long run.

If you’re on a tight budget, but you really need your Woodinville gutters repaired, vinyl can be temporarily used.  Or you can use aluminum gutters for your house.  Depending on a few factors, these gutters can sometimes cost a lot less than stainless steel or copper gutters.  Aluminum comes in a variety of thicknesses.  We typically install the .032 gauge rather than the .027 most companies install.  Since vinyl and .027 aluminum are lightweight materials, they might be okay if you live somewhere where it doesn’t rain very much.  But here in Bellevue and Woodinville which experiences constant or heavy rainfall, vinyl gutters probably won’t stand up to the weather.

Woodinville Gutters

Fixing your gutters can be difficult, and once you’ve made the decision to do it, it might seem like a lot of money to spend. Can spending that amount of money really be worth it?  If you live in a certain area of the country, have you found that a certain type of gutter works better than others?  Does it really matter what kind of material you use?  What have your experiences been?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and follow us on Facebook!