Woodinville Sagging Gutters?  Learn to Fix Them For Spring Showers!

Woodinville Sagging Gutters:  It’s inevitable that the gutters on your house will eventually start to wear out.  Actually, it’s likely that the gutters will need more repairs than other parts of your house. Since gutters are very important to keeping your house safe and in good repair, it’s important to know how to maintain and fix your gutters.  You have two options:

Woodinville Sagging Gutters

Woodinville Sagging Gutters

  • Hire a professional to fix your gutters.
  • Fix it yourself.   Repairing the gutters on your home can be very simple.  We’ll talk about a few different techniques you can use to keep your gutters in tip-top shape.

Why Are Well-Maintained Gutters So Important?

Gutters stop water from collecting in the walls of your house.  This prevents mold from growing and eventually destroying the walls. By directing water away from your house and not letting it puddle up, gutters also stop bugs, like mosquitoes, from laying eggs.

What You Need for DIY Gutter Repair

The tools you need to repair broken gutters are pretty basic.  You’ll probably use them on many different projects around the house.  To repair gutters, you’ll need:

  • A ladder
  • A chalk line
  • A claw hammer
  • A pry bar
  • A drill
  • A torpedo level

Invite a friend over to help you with repairs, since you’ll probably need some help holding things in place.  Plus, it’s safer to have someone there spotting you, especially if you’re on a ladder.

Different Ways to Fix Your Gutters

A strap type hanger is the most common way to fix Woodinville sagging gutters.  First, set up your ladder next to the house.  If the ground near where you need to work isn’t completely flat, get an assistant to stabilize the ladder.

Then, snap the chalk line across the top of broken gutter.  Lift any sagging roof shingles that might make it difficult to repair the gutter.  Using the pry bar, pry the end of the strap hanger from the nails.  Line up the gutter with the chalk line that you made before.  Have your friend help you hold the gutter in place.

Then, drill new nail holes.  Tighten the new strap down, securing the gutter in place.  Finally, nail straps to the facial and screw the strap tight.

Using Spike and Ferrule Hangers

This is the cheapest of all of the gutter repair techniques, but it’s more of a short-term fix. You’ll need to come back and reinforce your work with one of the other methods.

The spike and ferrule hanger technique uses a block of wood to hold the gutter in place where it’s loose.  The, remove the old spike with the claw hammer.  Drill a new hole in the gutter near the original hole.  Use the chalk line to make sure that the gutter is level.  Finally, drill in the replacement screws.  Remove wood block and make sure that your gutter is solidly fixed to the house.

Installing Hidden Hangers

This gutter repair technique involves pulling the gutter away from the fascia.  The fascia is a set of boards that run along the roof and hold the gutter in place.  For this method, you’ll need another set of hands.

Have your friend hold the gutter in place so that you can pry the brackets off the fascia.  Use your chalk line to line up the replacement brackets, and then nail the new brackets to the fascia. Put the gutter into the brackets and slide it into place.  Place a clamp over the new gutter and snap it to secure it.

Woodinville sagging gutters can be costly and dangerous if you do not fix them as soon as possible. Repairing household items, even sagging gutters, isn’t as difficult as you might think. What’s your preferred technique for repairing sagging gutters?  Have you ever had any trouble installing your own hangers?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Woodinville Sagging Gutters